ShoreStation PWC Lifts

Why Choose ShoreStation PWC Lifts?

  • Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Construction: Aluminum models offer the right combination of materials for a lightweight, yet durable lift with the added strength of steel where it’s needed most.

  • Available with NEW UltraBunks: Superior support and protection, as well as good looks.

  • Nylon Pad and Pulley Placement: Corrosion resistant, minimal wear on moving parts and increased durability.

  • Brake Winch: Provides smooth operation and precise up-down positioning.

  • Galvanized or Plated Hardware: Minimizes corrosion for years of low maintenance operation.

  • Specifically Designed for PWCs: This is no ordinary boat lift! The length and adjustability has been specifically designed to fit the hulls of current PWC models. This assures maximum support and better performance.

ShoreStation PWC Lifts

Available ShoreStation PWC Lift Models:

 ModelCapacityMax Beam
lg photona SS10531D 1000 lb 53
SS10531DE 1000 lb 53
SS10531DS 1000 lb 53
SS10531DSE 1000 lb 53
SS1053D 1000 lb 53
SS1053DE 1000 lb 53
SS1053DS 1000 lb 53
SS1053DSE 1000 lb 53
SS1062 1000 lb 62
SS10621 1000 lb 62
SS10621E 1000 lb 62
SS1564M 1500 lb 64
SS853 800 lb 53
SS8531 800 lb 53
SSD10521 lb 52
SSD10521E 1000 lb Each 52
SSV1288 1200 lb 88

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