Boat Lift Accessories

4 Accessories for Your Boat Lifts

Boat lift accessories are an important part of your dock that not only increase the safety of the dock, but also reduces any hassle. An added benefit of a boat lift to the dock is that it reduces a lot of stress by saving time and keeping the boat in good shape. Boat lift accessories like boat motors or canopy tops can make your life easier. So let’s take a look down at the most useful boat lift accessories that are added benefits.

1) Canopies

Canopies are one of the most important boat lift accessories that one can get. A canopy kit includes in it the canopy cover, canopy frame, and supporting posts. The canopy sits on your boat lift and serves the purpose of protecting your boat from rain, sun, birds, and much more. There are many canopy options with boat lift dealers to choose from like the Drop Down Canopy and Optional Mesh Canopy.

2) Bow Stop

A boat stop is a boat lift accessory that prevents your boat from getting overrun from the lift. It is a very handy accessory available with almost all boat lift dealers.

3) Guide-Ons

Guide-ons make it easy for the boat to get onto the boat lift. This task can be tricky without a guide-on especially if the weather is bad or the water is choppy. A guide-on also keeps the boat and the boat lift from getting damaged in the process. There are a variety of options to choose from for guide-ons like vertical PVC guide-on, full-length guide-on systems, bow guide or bow stop, and Pontoon guides.

4) Boat Lift Motor

There are two basic boat motors that power your system:

  • Lift tech motor
  • Lift boss motor

The right boat motor can have a big impact on your boat lift.

5) Bird-Proof Netting

A bird-proof netting will prove to be a very useful accessory you can get from boat lift dealers. There are several types you can choose from and they keep the birds from perching on your posts. Bird proof netting is waterproof, lightweight, and durable which prevents birds from nesting under the canopies. It is usually very easy and fast to install.

Beachside Docks has a range of boat lift accessories at reasonable prices. They make your life easier and make handling and maintaining your deck simpler than ever before.

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