Porta-Dock Lift Accessories

Porta-Dock boat lifts can accommodate a full line of accessories including canopies, netting, battery trays, steps, guide ons, motorized winch kit, motor stops, solar panel charging systems, wheel kits, bow stops & guides, and boat stops


All Porta-Dock TOP GUN® and vinyl canopies come with a 5-year warranty and the canopy offers maximum depth, giving your boat exceptional protection from the elements.

Porta-Dock canopies are available in Beige, Charcoal, Forest Green, Onyx Black*, Caribbean Blue* or Burgundy*.

* Non-stocking colors. Lead times may vary.


Canopy Colours

Canopy Features

  • Adjustable aluminum framework
  • Double aluminum tubing runs the full length of the top
  • Heat-sealed creating strong, long-lasting seams
  • TOP GUN® acrylic coated polyester marine fabric
  • Easily cleans with mild detergent and water

Canopy Options

  • Drop Down Canopy – Our canopy skirt attaches to any Porta-Dock lift canopy to create a “garage-like” enclosure. Provides added protection to your watercraft, boat, or pontoon while in the lift. Easy to attach. Mounts to existing canopy frame.

  • Optional Mesh Canopy – Our mesh canopy allows for deeper coverage while still allowing for air to pass through. Also available as a full mesh end.

Next Generation Free Standing Canopy

Don’t need a lift?

A Porta-Dock free standing canopy provides protection from the elements when a traditional lift is not needed.

Free Standing Canopy
Bird Proof Netting

Bird Proof Netting

Durable, lightweight, rot and waterproof mesh prevents birds of all species from nesting under your canopy. Installs in minutes.

Battery Tray Canopy Mounted

A battery bracket that allows a 12 volt battery to be mounted on a square or round upright. Keeps a battery for a DC power unit off your dock. Fits all Porta-Dock lifts.


Lift Step

Get in and out safer and easier.

Guide Ons

Full-length padded guide-ons aid in proper boat placement on lift.


Motorized Winch Kit

Designed for optimum strength and ease of use, each motorized winch kit removes the strain from your lift and provides generous clearance and access. Adapts to existing lifts. Available as 12, 24, or 110 volt power. Remotes and solar panels optional on most models. See dealer for details.

Available as a manual or auto stop without a key fob.

Motor Stop

Ensures the safety of your lift and motor.

12 24 VOLT WATT Solar Panel Systems

12 & 24 Volt Watt Solar Panel Systems

Our solar charging systems are made from high quality, more efficient Monocrystalline Solar Cells that also provide a clean, uniform look. Each panel is enclosed in a screw-less anodized aluminum frame and tempered glass with a water tight junction box and blocking diodes.

*Mounting arm and brackets included

Universal Bolt-on Wheel Kit For Lifts

Easily attaches to existing lift for easy installation and removal.
Includes two wheels and all hardware necessary.

UNIVERSAL BOLT ON Wheel kit for lifts

Bow Stop & Guides

Assists in positioning your boat into the proper location on the lift.
Adjustable to accommodate any style of boat.

Boat Stop

Prevents your boat from overrunning the lift.

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