Porta-Dock Accessories

Porta-Dock docks can accommodate a full line of accessories including steps, benches, ladders, hand railings, solar lighting, canoe racks, wheel kits, chairs, tables, umbrellas, hinges, bumpers, and end ramp sections.

Dock Steps

All aluminum steps come standard with handrails and adjustable legs. Available in 4, 6 or 8 step configurations.

  • 4-Step: 29″ Collapsed – 41″ Extended
  • 6-Step: 45″ Collapsed – 57″ Extended
  • 8-Step: 59″ Collapsed – 71″ Extended

*Measurements are from top step down.

Porta-Dock Steps
6 Steps

6 Steps

Double Railing Configuration. All aluminum steps come standard with handrails and adjustable legs.

  • 20″ Collapsed – 50″ Extended

*Measurements are from top step down.

Adjustable Shore Steps

Porta-Dock’s adjustable shore steps are made entirely of aluminum and are adjustable and self-leveling. They will fit any slope. Available standard as 5 and 8-step configurations. Custom steps available.

  • 5-Step: 18″ Collapsed – 34″ Extended
  • 8-Step: 30″ Collapsed – 58″ Extended

*Measurements are from top step down.

Adjustable Porta-Dock Steps


Dock benches are available in fiberglass, aluminum, or cedar to match your decking. Armrests are also available in matching styles. Available as deck mount or frame mount.


Ladders are available in 3 or 4 step aluminum construction.

Hand Railing

Hand Railings

Lightweight aluminum railings for additional safety.

Solar Dock Lighting

The easiest, most convenient way to light your dock. At nightfall, the solar dock light’s sensor automatically turns on the super bright LED. With multiple units, your dock will provide an elegantly lit pathway for all to walk on.

  • Lasts 18+ hours on a full charge
  • Brighter than conventional solar garden lights
  • Fits any Porta-Dock with included mounting bracket.
Dock Light
Canoe Rack Holder

Canoe Rack

Makes storage of your canoe or kayak simple. Fits on any Porta-Dock.

Economy Dock Wheel Kit

Easy bolting onto the side frame of your dock, our Economy Dock Wheel Kit provides additional bracing to allow for transportation over rough terrain.

Shore Wheels

Shore End Wheel Kit

Allows for easy installation and removal of your dock by rolling the shore end of your dock. Available as non-adjustable or adjustable wheel kits.

Dock Chairs, Table & Umbrella

This furniture set consists of two swiveling dock chairs with white steel frame construction and tan weather proof fabric, a circular table and an adjustable umbrella with green fabric. Easily quick-connects to most Porta-Docks with mounting bracket.

Dock Umbrella
Dock Hinge

Dock Hinge

Allows the dock to “flex” and adjust.

Dock Extensions

Easily attaches to side frame. Allows for easy entrance onto and exit from your boat or pontoon.

Dock Extension
Boat Dock Bumpers


Both horizontal and vertical dock bumpers are available for all dock styles. See dealer for available colors and lengths.

Shore and End Ramp Section

Available for all models of docks in 4′ and 8′ lengths.

  • Hinge allows for up or down placement.
Shore Ramp
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