Marina Docks

Complete Customization for a Perfect Fit

All Beachside Marina dock styles offer unlimited layout possibilities and can be utilized in the creation of a completely unique marina. Our 2’, 4’, 6’, or 8’ wide dock sections give you the option of using them in-line or side-by-side to create a custom configuration. Select all galvanized steel construction or aluminum for low weight and easy handling. Hewitt docks are easily lengthened with add-on sections or expanded to form “T’s”, side platforms and fingers of unlimited lengths. For more details on a specific dock style refer to that particular dock style in the catalog.

A Solution for Every Need

Contact Beachside Docks for a consultation for your Marina needs. We have designed many one-of-a-kind marinas with unique performance characteristics. Tell us what your needs are and we can build it.


Hewitt Traditional Floating SkidGuard Decking
SkidGuard Decking
Hewitt Traditional Floating Deck Cedar
Cedar Decking
Hewitt Traditional Floating Deck Aluminum
Aluminum Decking
Hewitt Traditional Floating Deck ThruFlow
Thruflow Decking
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