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Boat Lift Helper

Tired of messy boat lift installations and removals?

Let the Boat Lift Helper air-bag system simplify the task!

We specialize in installation and removals tools by provide you with all the products you need to get the task done effortlessly. No more pushing mucky tires across weedy and rocky lake bottoms!

Roll the boat lift in the water, then inflate the bags to float the lift to the end of the dock. Once in position, deflate the bags and walk away.

Boat Lift Helper

How It Works

Float your boat lift for easy installation and removal

The Boat Lift Helper is made of the same tough material that the military uses to raise sunken equipment from the ocean floor. The Heavy-duty air-lift-bags will raise your boat lift up off the lake bottom for simple positioning right from your dock. No need to muscle your boat lift through muddy, sandy, rocky, or weedy lake bottoms. 

Mid-season when lake water levels change, or in fall at the end of season simply re-inflate the Boat Lift Helper’s powerful air-lift-bags to move your boat lift into a new position or back into shore. No hassles with reattaching foam floats or 55 gallon drums, no getting back into that cold water, and no stressing you back by lifting.

Enjoy boating with your friends and family without the added chore of boat lift installation and removal!

Easy Install & Removal

Removing a boat lift with the Boat Lift Helper air bag system. No getting wet, no hurting your back.

8ft system on Hewitt hydraulic boat lift. Roll it into the water then float it to your dock.

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